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Below are links and information on each of the Plan's strategic health partners. You can use these links to find PPO network providers, arrange telemedicine visits, request an expert second opinion, and more.

Blue Card PPO Network

The Blue Card PPO Network is a network of hospitals and physicians throughout the United States that participate in their local BlueCross BlueShield PPO networks. Blue Card PPO providers are LINECO's preferred providers and provide medical care to LINECO participants at negotiated rates.

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Included Health

Included Health is your personal care team. This is a FREE benefit for eligible LINECO members and their covered dependents.

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Teladoc Health

Teladoc is a leading provider of telehealth services throughout the United States. Teladoc provides a valuable option for members to obtain access to free, convenient, and timely medical advice. There is NO Charge to eligible LINECO members or their covered family members to use this service.

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Dental Network of America (DNoA)

LINECO uses a dental preferred provider organization (PPO) called the Dental Network of America (DNoA). Use of a PPO provider is voluntary. Under the plan Option select Labor+.

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Express Scripts

Express Scripts (ESI) administers the Drug Card Program and will issue you an ID card when you become eligible. Most pharmacies participate in the program, which provides you and the Plan with discounted prices on most drugs.


There is a mandatory mail order program for specialized medications, administered by ACCREDO (a subsidiary of ESI). Patients MUST go through ACCREDO for all specialty drugs, regardless of where the drug will be administered (this includes drugs that will be administered in a doctor's office). Specialty drugs that are not procured through ACCREDO will not be covered under the LINECO medical plan.

Vision Service Plan (VSP)

The Plan uses a network of opticians, optometrists, and ophthalmologists called Vision Service Plan (VSP) to provide vision benefits in an efficient and cost-effective way. Reduced benefits are available when you use a provider outside the VSP network.

Amplifon Hearing Health Care

You can receive significant discounts on hearing services, including hearing aids, through the Amplifon Hearing Health Care network.

Carelon Behavioral Health

The Member Assistance Program (MAP) is a free confidential counseling and referral service to help you assess a variety of personal problems and suggest ways to resolve them. This service, and a nationwide network of behavioral health hospitals, treatment facilities, doctors and professional behavioral health practitioners are provided by Carelon Behavioral Health.

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